You may be suprised to learn that there are more than 50 kinds of mosquito in the Upper Midwest.  We have chosen just a few of these to profile here, all species that that impact our lives either because they are nuisances that disrupt our outdoor activities, and/or because they transmit disease agents like West Nile virus.  Though this is only a small subset of Midwestern species, if you look closely at the pictures you may note differences in color patterns and structures between the species.  Click on an image to learn more about the habits, habitats, and disease transmission potential of each mosquito species.  Click on a disease to learn more about the biology, prevention, and treatment of that mosquito-borne disease.

Mosquito Species

Inland floodwater mosquito

Associated disease(s):

Northern house mosquito

Associated disease(s):

Associated disease(s):

Associated disease(s):

Woodland malaria mosquito

Associated disease(s):

Associated disease(s):

Eastern Treehole mosquito

Associated disease(s):

Asian tiger mosquito

Associated disease(s):

American gallinipper

Associated disease(s):

Want to learn about other mosquitoes found in your area?

Both because new species of mosquitoes are moving into the area and because many parts of the Midwest have never been scouted for mosquitoes, it's not possible to give accurate lists for every part of every state. However, here are a few example lists from around the region compiled by researchers and public health officials. Check out the lists for information about habitats and disease risk associated with each species.

Mosquito-borne Disease and Prevention Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


"Mosquitoes and Disease" from the Illinois Department of Public Health

"Mosquito-Borne Illness Prevention Techniques" from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency


"Mosquito-Borne Diseases" from the Iowa Department of Public Health


"Mosquitoes and Your Health" from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services


"Mosquitoborne diseases" from the Minnesota Department of Health


"Arboviral diseases" from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services

"Preventing bites" and "Mosquitoes and Disease in Wisconsin" from UW's Medical Entomology Lab