University of Illinois

Dr. Rebecca Lee Smith

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Veterinary Medicine

Department of Pathobiology

Rebecca Smith is an infectious disease epidemiologist with a focus on modeling to predict control program efficacy. She is particularly interested in the potential interactions between multiple diseases in the same population, a problem that is highly applicable to tick-borne diseases. Her role in the center is to translate the prediction models for vector-borne diseases into recommendations for optimal control of both vectors and diseases.


Dr. Nohra Mateus-Pinilla

Illinois Natural History Survey

Veterinary Epidemiology Laboratory

Dr. Mateus has served as the Director of the Wildlife Veterinary Epidemiology Laboratory at the University of Illinois, Illinois Natural History Survey for more than 14 years. Regular efforts include evaluating environmental and epidemiological variables that could mitigate disease occurrence at the interface of wildlife, human and livestock health.

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