The MCE-VBD is committed to increasing preparedness for dealing with vector-borne disease (VBD) challenges such as Lyme disease, West Nile Virus, and the Zika virus.  We are providing training in public health entomology (PHE) to develop a cadre of trainees at all levels of learning who can assist academic institutes, local, state or federal public health agencies, pest control companies or mosquito abatement districts in vector-borne disease surveillance and management.   

Certificate in Public Health Entomology

The MCE-VBD is offering a certificate in Public Health Entomology to recognize and provide basic skills related to the surveillance and management of mosquito and tick-borne disease.  The certification process is open to anyone affiliated with MCE-VBD partner organizations with interest in developing skills in vector-borne disease surveillance and control.


Research Fellows

To provide vector-borne disease-related experience to future researchers, public health officials, clinicians, and others,  MCE-VBD is supporting research fellowships at partner institutions in five states.  Fellows will conduct research and/or surveillance related to tick and/or mosquito-borne disease under the supervision of academic and public health experts.