To provide vector-borne disease-related experience to future researchers, public health officials, clinicians, and others,  MCE-VBD is supporting research fellowships at partner institutions in five states.  Fellows will conduct research and/or surveillance related to tick and/or mosquito-borne disease under the supervision of academic and public health experts.

MCE-VBD expects to offer between 12 and 14 research fellowships each year from 2017 to 2021.  Each MCE-VBD Research Fellow will receive a stipend of approximately $6,000 for 12 weeks of full-time work, and the center may also provide up to $1,000 to reimburse a fellow for use of a personal vehicle for research purposes.  Most fellowships will be given out for summer research completed under the supervision of people and organizations mentioned in the program's manual, which also includes many more details about the fellowship.  As described in the manual, we will not be posting descriptions of specific positions.  Instead, applicants should have general interest in research, in public health, and in the surveillance and control of mosquitoes, ticks, and the diseases they carry.  A few fall and spring semester fellowships may be offered, and some fellowship positions may involve part-time work.  You do not have to be a student to apply for a fellowship, though most successful applicants will likely be students or be in between two degrees (and for whom the second degree somehow connects to vector-borne disease).  

Satisfactory completion of a fellowship will constitute completion of the field requirement for MCE-VBD's Certificate in Public Health Entomology.  

Apply to be a 2018 MCE-VBD Research Fellow

Applications for work in summer 2018 are being accepted as of October 24th, 2017.  There is no firm deadline for applications, but candidates who apply by January 2018 are more likely to be selected than those who apply later.  Exact start and end dates in summer 2018 will be negotiable for most positions, but in general fellows should expect to start in May or early June.  

The application form is available here.  

Before you open the application, please prepare:

  • A 200-400 word statement explaining your interest in and preparedness for a MCE-VBD Research Fellowship (What related coursework and/or work experience do you have?  What about working with mosquitoes, ticks, and disease appeals to you? How would this fellowship fit in with your plans for future work and study?).  
  • A résumé
  • If applicable (not required!), notes on any discussions you may have had with center partners re: possible projects. 

2017 MCE-VBD Research Fellows

Susannah Haupt

Ella Gehrke

Bridget Hulsebosch

Joseph Lonchar

Erin McGlynn

Grace Newton

Tom Richards

Mariah Schrack

Matthew Springer

Nicholas Thrun