Public Health Entomology Certificate

The MCEVBD Certificate in Public Health Entomology (PHEC) recognizes uniquely qualified individuals who possess specialized knowledge and experience related to vector-borne disease.

The Certificate in Public Health Entomology program is designed to:

  • Encourage students and young professionals who are interested in vector-borne disease paths to complete comprehensive training in essential areas related to vector surveillance and control
  • Provide an opportunity to combine disconnected coursework, training, and employment history into one coherent package
  • Allow individuals to more effectively highlight their VBD expertise and stand out during employment searches
  • Help employers in academia, public health, and vector control easily identify candidates who are well prepared to work in positions related to vector-borne disease prevention and management
  • Increase public health preparedness for vector-borne disease challenges by developing a pool of well-trained professionals who can be rapidly deployed into the field to respond to future VBD outbreak scenarios

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Public Health Entomology Certificate?

The PHEC is a credential that signifies that the certificate holder has accumulated a comprehensive package of knowledge, skills and competencies related to vector-borne disease prevention and management.

We do issue a formal certificate of completion, however the Public Health Entomology Certificate is NOT a formal academic credential. It will not show on a transcript from any MCEVBD partner institution.

What are the requirements for the PHEC?

In general, completion of the PHEC requires evidence of training in the following areas:

  1. An overview of medical entomology, vector-borne disease, and the public health impact of VBD
  2. Experience with vector identification with a focus on mosquitoes and/or ticks
  3. Pesticide applicator certification
  4. Field experience with surveillance and/or management of mosquitoes and/or ticks
  5. Experience (coursework or otherwise) with diagnostic methodologies focused on identifying VBD in mosquitoes and/or ticks

Who is eligible to get the PHEC?

The Public Health Entomology Certificate is open to:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Professional students (MD, MPH, DVM, etc.)
  • Young professionals in vector control and public health

Applicants must be connected in some way to at least one MCE-VBD partner institution.

Is there a fee to receive the PHEC?

No, there is no fee for completion of the certificate. However, some requirements of the certificate may require participants to pay tuition, travel costs, and other expenses.

In some cases, MCEVBD can assist with paying expenses related to completing certificate requirements. Contact us at to ask about how we may be able to help you.

How do I apply for the PHEC?

To apply for the Public Health Entomology Certificate (PHEC), you must submit an application that includes the following items:

1. Resume or CV

2. Cover Letter that describes:

  • Your interest in the certificate
  • How certification supports your future career goals
  • How you have met each of the main requirements of the certificate

3. Supporting documents that prove that you have met the requirements (transcripts, course syllabi, a copy of your pesticide applicator license, and descriptions of work you have done that was not for academic credit)


In addition to your application, please make sure that the following items are sent to us:

1) Letter of support from a MCEVBD partner. This letter should be signed, composed on letterhead, and should indicate that the partner feels you are a good candidate for the PHEC.

2) Confirmation of field experience. This letter should be composed and signed by the supervisor of your field experience on letterhead and should include a brief overview of the work that you did as part of your field experience.

Note: If the MCEVBD partner endorsing your application to the PHEC was also the supervisor of your field experience, they may submit a single letter endorsing your candidacy and describing the field experience you completed.


All application materials should be sent via email to

When are applications due?

We are always accepting applications for our Public Health Entomology Certificate, however applications are only reviewed and certificates award only once per year, typically in the fall.

Our next application deadline is September 30, 2024 for award in fall 2024.


How competitive is the certificate program?

All applicants who submit a complete application and successfully show that they have met the requirements will be awarded the certificate.

Since 2017, more than 50 students and young professionals across the Midwest have been awarded the Certificate.

Interested in applying?


Contact MCEVBD to discuss your application and how you might meet the PHEC requirements: